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Pro Plan - S Size

Buy from 2,000 up to 5,000 domains at cost with Very good SSL pricing & Cheap Plesk licenses.

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The Openprovider Professional Plan - S Size allows you to buy from 2,000 up to 5,000 domains at cost: domains (registration, renewal and transfer). If the size of your domain portfolio differs, choose plan that fits your needs.

Memberships Plans

A unique subscription model for our industry, where a yearly fee allows you to buy domains at Cost Price. In addition, you get the best prices for SSL certificates, spam filters and licenses.

At Cost Price? Yes, meaning you benefit from getting the same pricing that normally only Registrars with high purchase volumes receive from Registries.

It's simple, our commitment to you.

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We offer more than 2,300 domain extensions, over 30 types of SSL certificates from Digicert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and Comodo and in excess of 150 kinds of Plesk add-ons and Virtuozzo licenses, and spam filters from SpamExperts. Below is selection of the most popular products in these categories that are included into membership. Complete list of products offered with the plan is available after registration.

Extension Register Renewal Transfer
.com 8,06 $ 8,06 $ 8,06 $
.net 9,98 $ 9,98 $ 9,98 $
.eu 1,75 € 3,75 € 4,00 €
.nl 2,98 € 2,98 € 0,00 €
.es 4,09 € 4,09 € 0,00 €
.be 4,00 € 4,00 € 4,00 € 3,76 £ 3,76 £ 0,00 £
.ru 141,60 ₽ 141,60 ₽ 141,60 ₽
.fr 4,59 € 4,59 € 4,59 €
.info 11,05 $ 11,05 $ 11,05 $
.org 10,14 $ 10,14 $ 10,14 $
.ch 4,80 ₣  4,80 ₣  ₣ 
.at 7,50 € 7,50 € 0 €
.de 3,62 € 2,65 € 2,65 €
.in 413,00 ₹ 413,00 ₹ 413,00 ₹
.it 4,00 € 3,30 € 4,00 €
.nu 100 SEK 100 SEK 0 SEK
.se 100 SEK 100 SEK 0 SEK
SSL Product Name Price 1st Year
Rapid SSL $4.95
Rapid SSL Wildcard $52.00
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium $7.50
Geotrust True Business ID $39.00
GeoTrust True Business ID Multi-Domain $117.00
Geotrust True Business ID Wildcard $117.00
Geotrust True Business ID With EV $97.00
GeoTrust True Business ID With EV Multi-Domain $194.00
Thawte SSL123 $6.50
Thawte Webserver $39.00
Thawte Webserver Multi-Domain $117.00
Thawte Webserver Wildcard $117.00
Thawte Webserver With EV $87.00
Thawte Webserver With EV Multi-Domain $174.00
Comodo Essential SSL $4.95
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard $52,00
Comodo EV $77,00
Comodo Positive SSL $4.95
Service Period Price
Incoming mail filter Month €0,99
Outgoing mail filter Month  €0,99
Mail archiving Month €2,99
License Period Price
Plesk Web Admin for Virtual & Dedicated server Month €6,00
Plesk Web Pro for Virtual & Dedicated server Month €9,00
Plesk Web Pro with CloudLinux Month €15,00 
Plesk Web Host for Virtual server (VPS) Month €15,00
Plesk Web Host for Dedicated server Month €27,00
Plesk WordPress Toolkit Month €3,75 
CloudLinux Month €10,50

The domains that will be part of the Basic, Pro and Expert Plans are the following:

.at, .be, .biz,,, .com, .de, .info, .net, .nu, .org,, .it, .nl, .se, .la, .eu, .es,,,, .mobi,, .fr, .me, .ch, .li, .lu, .dk, .pt,, .cat,, .re, .yt, .pm, .wf, .tf,, .frl, .pw, .uk,,,, .xyz, .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .co,,,,,,,, .mx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .ею (.xn--e1a4c), .ag, .asia, .bz,,,,,,,,,,,, .in,,, .lc, .mn,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .sc, .vc,, .lv,,, .pro,,, .cx, .fm,, .lt,,, .pl,,, .am, .cc, .fi, .tv, .us, .xxx, .cl,,,,,,,,,,,,

The price of each product is displayed in the same currency that we receive from registries and providers. All transactions will be carried out in the currency that you choose for your membership during checkout.


Unlimited SSL Certificates

30 types of SSL certificates from DigiCert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and Comodo.


Unlimited Spam Filters

Integrated Spam filters from SpamExperts.


Unlimited Plesk Licenses

With more than 150 kinds of Plesk add-on available. 


Cost Prices for Domains

We offer more than 2,300 domain extensions.


User-Friendly Control Panel

A unique quality platform with multiple integrations with our systems.


ICANN accredited

All extensions, All gTLDs, all secured.


The Easiest Domain Transfer

You worry about your business and our technology will automate the rest.


Unlimited Support Requests

Personalised and Unlimited professional support requests.

Buy the Professional Plan - S Size 

From 2,000 up to 5,000 domains at cost.


The Openprovider Professional Plan - S Size allows you to buy from 2,000 up to 5,000 domains at cost: domains (registration, renewal and transfer), ccTLDs and premium domains. Very good SSL pricing and Cheap Plesk licenses.


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Openprovider memberships allow you to buy domains at Cost Price. (The same price that normally only Registrars with high purchase volumes receive from Registries.) Additionally you get the best prices on SSL certificates, spam filters and licenses.

Our solutions give flexibility for your business: integration of your existing tools into our platform through API and ready-to-use plugins.